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Production for Export
Our company started more than 7 years ago as supplier of fine chemicals for laboratories in Kazakhstan. Today "DPB New Brands LLP" is one of the largest suppliers of chemicals, biochemical reagents and substances, laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for complex equipment of laboratories in Kazakhstan. Since 2009 the portfolio was expanded by introducing further proposal for raw materials and industrial equipment for all industries. To date, our company is one of the leading suppliers of products and raw materials for pharmaceuticals, food processing, petrochemical industry.

We offer:

Raw materials and food ingredients for the food industry:

Thickeners and preservatives;

Proteins and quality improvers;

Functional Ingredients and amino acids;


Regulators of acidity and flavor enhancers;

Antioxidants and phosphates;

Fiber and isolates;

Chemical products:

  • Chemical reagents, indicators, solvents produced by leading local and international manufacturers for laboratory and research;
  • Highly purified reagents for the production of optical glass and microelectronics;
  • Substances and auxiliaries for pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine;
  • Raw materials for the food and cosmetic industries;
  • Raw materials for the refining and petrochemical industry;
  • Supply of foreign exclusive chemical products according to customer requirements.


  • Reagents, consumables and equipment;
  • Growth medium.

Equipment for laboratories and enterprises:

  • Laboratory equipment, appliances, furniture, dishes from local and international manufacturers;.
  • Analytical instruments and chromatography;
  • Industrial equipment
We are making great efforts to offer our customers a range of solutions aimed at the improvement and prosperity of your business! Our task is full provisioning of any process at once. We grow and develop for you!